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/ united states medical professional | corporate | investor relations area of interest medical professional corporate investor relations mis cas hip knee elbow shoulder spine trauma surgical dental *~ your hip surgery there are many ways to treat the pain caused by arthritis. online pharmacy generic viagra One way is total hip replacement surgery. buy cheap viagra pills online The decision to have total hip replacement surgery should be made very carefully after consulting your doctor and learning as much as you can about the hip joint, arthritis, and the surgery. mgs does viagra come In total hip replacement surgery, the ball and socket that have been damaged by arthritis are removed and replaced with artificial parts made of metal and a durable plastic material. cheap generic viagra We call these artificial parts "implants," or "prostheses. viagra for sale " two types of hip fixation there are two main types of fixation philosophies-cemented and porous. viagra 20 mg in usa Both can be effective in the replacement of hip joints. viagra online The physician (and the patient) will choose the best solution that is specific to the patient's needs. Comparisons between viagra viagra Cemented hip implants the cemented hip implant is designed to be implanted using bone cement (a grout that helps position the implant within the bone). generic viagra tadalafil 20 mg from india Bone cement is injected into the prepared femoral canal. viagra 20 mg in usa The surgeon then positions the implant within the canal and the grout helps to hold it in the desired position. cheap viagra online Porous hip implants the porous hip implant is designed to be inserted into he prepared femoral canal without the use of bone cement. viagra online sales canada Initially, the femoral canal is prepared so that the implant fits tightly within it. Last longer viagra viagra The porous surfaces on the hip implant are designed to engage the bone within the canal and permit bone to grow into the porous surface. cheap generic viagra Eventually, this bone ingrowth can provide additional fixation to hold the implant in the desired position. Use viagra soft tabs During surgery the patient is first taken into the operating room and given anesthesia. online to buy viagra or cialis After the anesthesia has taken effect, the skin around the upper thigh is thoroughly scrubbed with an antiseptic liquid. buy cheap viagra An incision of appropriate size is then made over the hip joint. viagra 20 mg in usa Replacing the socket portion of the joint one type of implant that replaces the socket consists of a metal shell that is lined with a strong plastic liner. Removing the surface of the socket the leg is maneuvered until the femoral head is dislocated from the socket. viagra viagra sales A special reamer is then used to remove the damaged cartilage and bone surface from the acetabulum, and to shape the socket so it will match the shape of the. online to buy viagra or cialis price viagra walmart pharmacy optical/geometricfiguresoptical/geometriclandscapes side effects of long term viagra use generic viagra in the usa